Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beadwork - wire and bead jewelry

It seems a natural progression from weaving bead bracelets to working with wire - wire stringing, wire wrapping, and wire shaping. I find twisting straight pieces of metal into intricate shapes to be a very soothing pastime. For my wire-worked pieces, I generally create my own clasps. So here are some of the things I've created using wire, pliers, jigs, and larger beads:
Starting with pearls - instead of knots between, gold figure-8s
Jig-shaped links between pearls
Jig-shaped links between black 4mm bicones
Jig-shaped links with royal blue 4mm bicones
Matching bracelet
Jig-shaped pieces with red 3mm rondelles (this also has a matching bracelet)
Wire-wrapped bezel around an 8mm iridescent pearl, with a wire-wrapped bail
"Figure-8" bracelet with lavender cube beads
"Figure-8" bracelet - finer gauge wire, and fire-polished 3mm rondelles

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