Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Small purses

The idea to create small clutch style purses evolved naturally while I was making the tote bag pockets. I decided to try embroidering a piece of stitchable fabric and lining it with a contrasting cotton. Embellisments range from different thread textures to use of beads and grommets. The first 2 pieces are now available for purchase directly from me; the third was a gift sent to a friend.

Cranberry Floral - small irridescent beads are the stems and the "grass" under the flowers - lined with a cranberry/ivory floral cotton - the embroidery was inspired by the fabric. Stitched on hand-coffee-tea-dyed (by me!) fabric.

Asian-inspired turquoise and black - satin turquoise floss is juxtaposed with metallic silver floss to create an organic, textural flowering branch. This piece is lined with black twill, and is now SOLD!

This third piece is another example of my passion for creating custom designs for specific people. As I stitched this piece, with every intention of listing it for sale on Etsy, I was reminded of a good friend of mine. As the image emerged, it became clear to me that it "belonged" to her. I personalized it with her initials. This is also lined with black twill, and features a hand-made beaded toggle clasp. The stitching is "black cherry" satin floss and silver cotton floss on black evenweave.

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